Mechanical Property Tests are Provided by The Forest Products Laboratory. Their findings are as follows: In every category except one, Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is found to be superior in strength and longevity when compared to Western Red Cedar, and Northern White Cedar.
                                         Eastern Red      Western Red     Northern White
Modulus of rupture         8,800 psi                7,500                   6,500 
Janka hardness                     900 psi                   350                       320
Crushing strength             6,020 psi                4,500                   3,960 
Elastic modulus            888,000 psi         1,100,000              800,000  

These numbers are calculated in PSI, pounds per square inch          

Foot Note
Rot Resistance: Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is regarded as excellent in resistance to both decay and insect attack. Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is frequently used for fence posts when used in direct ground contact. No pre-treating needed.

Timberland Fence manufactures and installs the highest quality Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar wood fence and deck lumber.


The tree is a member of the Cypress family, and all material we saw is from the heart of the log, known as a cant .This is where the tightest grain & strongest part of the tree is located. Just another reason why this durable, and long lasting lumber is a benefit when used in outdoor projects.


We also install Ornamental and Vinyl fences throughout Milwaukee, and all surrounding counties. Our installation crews are experienced, and provide exceptional professional workmanship.

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